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Nearly the entire news cycle has little to nothing to do with the pagan community, and us continuing to try and make up a daily pagan news cycle is, again, a bit ludicrous. Not every little thing that comes on CNN or your network of choice has to do with the pagan community. What we have as a rich, full community is enough. We do not need to hitch our pentacle to the rainbow flag of gay rights.

Gay is not the new Black, unless you're just meaning that it is the newest headline grabbing civil rights struggle. Pagans and their attempt to get governmental acceptance for various institutions, such as the military or prisons, is not the same thing as Gay rights.

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Just because Christianity is on a decline doesn't mean it's going anywhere as the number one religion in the world any time soon, and it doesn't mean with should delight in its downfall, and it also doesn't mean that now is the time of the great pagan upswell in America. We are enough.

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As is. We do not need misappropriation of other civil rights struggles to make us more legitimate or more real than we already are.

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We do not need to shoulder another groups' struggles, because we already have enough problems trying to stop fighting with one another long enough to get our own problems taken care of. What do you, the Rioters, think? Are you tired of hearing about how pagans are on the front lines of the GLBT struggle?

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Am I barking up a ghost tree, that nobody can see but me? Is the truth somewhere in the middle? Fire Lyte. Email This BlogThis! Anonymous June 29, at 3: The next year, , his team was so horrible he volunteered to try out pitching to fill innings. He excelled at the position and two weeks later he was at a try out for the Yankees in Panama City with Yankees scout Chico Heron.

While at this try out Rivera, with no pitching experience or training, was only throwing mph but showed nice mechanics and a smooth delivery to go with his athleticism.

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Being considered nothing more then a "fringe " prospect in he came to the Gulf Coast League GCL and, while speaking no english and being away from his home for the first time in his life, allowed 1 run in 52 IP and a 0. That is not a typo He also threw a seven inning no hitter on the final day of that season to put himself on the radar in the Yankees system. In , as a starter for AA, Mariano Rivera was working on a slider and tore his ulnar collateral ligament which usually requires Tommy John Surgery. The doctor that was lined up to do his surgery told him that his ligament did not need repaired and the surgery was not necessary.

His rehab on this was at the same time the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins were allowed to draft players for their own expansion teams. While Mariano Rivera was left unprotected by the Yankees neither team took a chance on him while he was rehabbing. If you need more proof that there is a God, please keep reading lol. When he came back in he eventually went back to A ball as a starter and caught the eye of official scorer Ogi Overman who was not impressed.

He was quoted as saying " he was on a one way trip out to nowhere. He eventually got his call up to the majors in May of replacing an injured Jimmy Key in the starting rotation for the Yankees staff. In that season he was almost traded to the Detroit Tigers for David Wells but then Yankees GM Gene Michaels called off the trade when he saw Mariano's velocity jump 6 mph to mph in one start.

Rivera has always thanked and praised God as the only explanation for his drastic improvement. After pitching 5.

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The rest is history It was a day for cyclists as I passed several groups of varying sizes and on a day like to day I can understand Tootlepedal's love of cycling. I really should make an effort to get fit and cycling could be a pleasurable way to do it. This field of Buttercups to my eye and thought it was worth a shot.

They are lovely in this situation but a nightmare in the garden. Passing through Longtown I headed to Gretna Gateway retail centre to purchase a shirt and a hat to protect my head from the anticipated sunshine that is forecast for the next few days.

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I manage to buy a shirt but the hats seemed to look ridiculous on me or should I say I looked ridiculous in them. Next stop was Chocrane's then home.

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In the afternoon I picked up Tootlepedal and went to see some Bluebells I had spotted just south of Skippers bridge on my journey by bus to work. We certainly weren't disappointed. I think they may have been a day or two past their best. We had some time to spare before a meeting we had with Niall Weatherstone to discuss the possibility of producing postcards of local scenes, so we had a quick run down the Tarras road.

We stooped to admire the reflections on the water. I had to admire the sheer tenacity of this tree. We returned to Wauchope Cottage with enough time for a cup of tea and a biscuit in the garden before Niall arrived.