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Note the number of the disk with the MB partition. If you used the Disk Management utility to find this number earlier, it should be the same number:. For example, the disk we want to wipe in the example here is Disk 2. Be very careful that you select the correct disk number. The below command effectively wipes the drive. Lastly, run the following command to remove all partition information from the drive. You can leave the diskpart prompt with the following command, and then close the Command Prompt window:.

You can then create the partitions you want on the disk, free from MB partition that appeared stuck to the front of the disk before.

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Once the Windows opens type diskpart and press Enter. This will launch the diskpart command where advanced partitioning task is done. Type list disk and press Enter to view the list of disks connected to the system. Remember, you used Disk Management Tool to note down the number and same disk number should also be reflected here.

Type select disk followed by the number of the disk. Then type the command Clean. This will wipe the entire drive clean. So be very, very careful about the disk number you select to perform this action.

Removing GPT partition - Tom's Mac OS X Tricks

This ends the cleaning process. All partitions including the EFI protected partition will be removed from drive leaving you with one big empty chunk of the drive. You can create partitions as well. If you delete the wrong partition and lost your entire data, then buying a recovery software is the only solution.

There are a lot of reliable tools which does an incredible job of data recovery after diskpart clean command. So without wasting time and fiddling with the disk, get partition recovery software immediately and restore your lost partition data. Customer Evangelist remosoftware.

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Fan of exceptional customer service. Your email address will not be published. AND from Tech Sites that take you thru useless rigoramo instead of gettin straight to it. Thx 2 u it took me no more than 30 secs! This post from This is the solution how to install windows 7 to windows 8 machine on hdd which is gpt protected. I installed windows 7 to asus x55a. Great advice! Windows 8 saw it as only MB, absolutely noting could be done. Read this article, and Awesome. Thank you Paul very much. The only solution that really works after all this time.

All partitions were GPT and were preventing the install, but after I have found your tip everything worked out as it should. Just brilliant! I just buy a hard drive for being a hard drive. Mostly, I hate over-the-top software developers anyway, who do not know how to keep things simple, useful and functional. I do not need a bunch of extra artwork, if I am buying a basic hard drive, now do I? Maybe WD and Seagate are more interested in flaunting their pathetic egos rather than just making good quality hard drives. So keep up the good work, eh!

Hi I have a slightly diffrent question. Im using win 8. How do i backup a gpt-protected drive when i cant access it? These instructions are still helping in I was able to reformat an external drive for some much needed storage. Thanks very much, i just rekindled a samsung m3 gig portable drive, this would only show the start up box on certain computers so forth disabling its use. Being a student that was annoying.

I just like the helpful information you supply for your articles. Best of luck for the next! Your advice here was the only solution of many I tried that worked. I knew about DiskPart, but forgot what it was called and what it did. It is identified that weight-loss surgery tends to make it a lot more hard for the physique to absorb nutrients. I thought the hard drive had possibly failed, but installing it in one of my desktops, found it to be healthy, but protected.

I did a search, immediately found your site and followed your instructions. Will now reinstall it in the laptop, hold my mouth just right and hope for the best. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.

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Just bought today an GB 2. Please help me. Diskpart — something magical around us…. Thanks very much. Your instructions were so simple and straight forward, I am very pleased with it. Got my Disk formatted. From the screen shot, I see disk 1 was intialized as dynamic disk. From dispart command, try to convert it back to basic first: This now allows me to use the newer Western Digital external hard drives even with good old Xp. My old work external HD may be around 10 years old, and it may soon possibly give up the ghost.

Your email address will not be published. Posted on January 6, Why we need to delete GPT protective partition? Type in " list disk " in command line to show all disks in this machine. Use "select" to set the focus to the specified partition. For example " select disk 1 ". Use " clean " command to remove GPT disk from the current in-focus disk by zeroing sectors.

How to Clear The 'GPT Protective Partition' Error

Right click on disk info, choose " New Partition… ", follow Partition Wizard and format it. Now you are able to use the disk in Windows XP. Visited 24, times, 11 visits today. Written by. Paul Gu Don't know what to say here. Hey thanks heaps for that — we were pulling our hair out! Hi Paul, Great post. Hi Paul!!! Sincerely yours Marc. No problem all. Great, a lot of people find this is useful….

Hi Kanyball, Yes, all data will be erased!! Backup all data in that disk to another disk before you do this. Thanks for sharing, it really works. Thanks again, -Mike. Thanks man! I looking a long time how I can delete gpt partition. Cheers Chris. It helped me a lot. Many thanks and greetings from Switzerland.

Learn something new every day i say. Many thanks fo the helpfull advice, thought the new hard disk was for the bin, now its working. Thanks a lot!!! Let me heap my thanks on top of the rest! Saved a near-new Mac drive and my bacon! ROCK External hard drive recognized but not accessible by my laptop. This certainly is a great find. Another vote of thanks. Worked to allow me to use a Mac disk in my pc. That made me feel so legit. I want to kiss you right now! I was stuck with Mac format and thak God I found this site.

Done in 10 seconds. Thanks a Bunch. Have you tried this tool under Vista? Clean it under Vista, then initialize it under XP …. Thanks, lol. Paul, this was so easy to fix! Thanks a lot for sharing this solution! Dude, this is , Thank You very much! I cannot thank you enough. People like you give such value to Internet!!! Really helped me! Thanks in advance See my comment , or you might live with GPT partition. Mr Gu you just saved my day and lost of valuable time!

Bless u! I get to be person expressing overabundantly flowing thanks! Bless you again! My removable usb drive all of a sudden became write protected… Looked for days for a way to remove the protection…. Thanks a Million! What did we do before the internets! Your solution fixed it in seconds so once again thankyou. Paul — exactly what I needed, worked like a charm! I can now use my new drive with no problem.

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Thanks a TON! The Dawg I agree …. Hi, your method by far is the best and least complicated ; without installing any software. Thanks a million!!! Paul, Thanks for this tip. Thank you for this! Solved our problem in less than 30 seconds … thank you sooooo much! Thank you again…. Simple and Useful. You Safe my harddrive. Thanks you. Saves me a heap of grief and time!

Clear concise instructions that worked. It saved me buying a new HDD. Thanks Paul Gu! I fortunately did not search for long. Worked like a charm. Simple instructions, that fixed the problem Thank you! Excellent — thanks a million! It solved the problem in about 2 minutes. Ammaging, Grate Knoledge for Windows. My Problem resolved, Thanks for solution.

David from Hungary. I had to use your tip on 4 drives i got off ebay.

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Just solved two days of headaches in 2 minutes. You rule. Thanks Paul!!! It solved the problem in about 2 minutes …. Great tip! Thanks so much this saved my flash drive, windows was only reading MB of my 8GB. Thanks in anticipation,. In instruction, it says under XP… make sure you follow it step by step. Great post saved me a trip back to the people I purchased my gbt protected drive from! Absolutely brilliant…. You make my day. I can use my HDD now. Thanks alot Paul. Absolutely Fantastic! Works a treat! Much Appreciated, Useful to know!

Thanks dude ill all the way in South Africa, Johannesburg and u saved me like R. Thanks Man. God Bless you. I wish to you all the best in this life. Thanks for the invaluable tip. A thousand thanks for a most helpful post. Wishing you the happiest of holidays. This is a Xmas Gift! My Lacie GB is now back to work! I was scratching my head on this one, but your solution solved my problem.

Found your site via a google search. Solved the problem with my Mac formatted disk. Really helpful, thanks a lot! Can't Detect New Hard drive!! I hope to have more useful ideas from your blog. Jamie — You need to create a new partition. Thanks Paul, Saved me a trip back across town to plug a drive back into the Mac and erase it! What can I say but thank you lots. Easy steps to follow, straight to the point and accurate. Very helpful.

Wow, Thanks. HP simplesave disable hpt protective status. Worked perfectly. But dang that DiskPart utility is scary. One false move…. Outstanding post. Learn something new every day! Awesome, Thanks. Hi Thanx, Lots of Thanx my friend it was very helpful! Another happy person. This worked well. Thanks heaps….. Was very confusing and frustrating.

Your method worked like a champ! Your instructions saved me a headache and a possible hangover. Thanks Paul for tip — saved a lot of time and effort. You sir Rock! Sending good karma your way. TY, LM. Most places are all talk and no action. Your info was the opposite. Thanks for your help! Hi Kristoffer, Try to plug the disk into Windows Vista or Windows 7 to see if you can retrieve the data…………. Thank you!!!!!!! Hi all, I have the same problem as Kristoffer! Ana, Plug into any pc with vista or windows 7, and then backup all data on the disk first.

Mal wieder kostenlos: Muito Obrigado SurferX. Hi Paul Fantastic!!! You Rocks!!!

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Thanks Mario. Thx, Lorin. Anyway thank you for sharing this great tip. Like most stuff here. The example is wrong. Do I type: It was display problem…. Fantastic , thanks very much , had been puzzleing for hours, sorted in 2 mins. How we can find the most effective of solutions in the smallest of places. The best solution. All other search results lead to boondocks.

I followed your instructions and within seconds the GPT was gone. Thank you very much!! Greetings from Germany, Ben. And that gentlemen is how we do that……. Happy new year to all visitors and appreciate all comments: Unrecognized HDD. I am going to post ur link in all the links where i read Thanks alot expert. All cheers to this forum! Thanks a whole lot! Wow, thank you. You just kept me from pulling all of my hair out.

Thanks so much man i have a 2 tb drive that i installed Ubuntu on and it did a gpt style format. You rock man! This solved my problem with my 2TB WD drive.. Excellent Dude, you are Awesome!!! Thanks for the Help! This really worked for me! Regs, Finally. Worked 1st time. Thankyou for taking the time to help. Much appreciated. Big Ole thanks for this. Been struggling with an external drive on my OSX for the last week. It saved my life! Thanks Dan … You rock man … it worked first time around! I bow to your fearless awesomeness …….

This is awesome! How can I forget this blog and DiskPart? Was screaming my head off at the computer lol. Thanks alot for your post. I cant believe i once paid someone to remove this GPT thing,i feel so stupid! This should be published in every manual… All the best! I wasted so many hours with a low level format for nothing… This is a true solution! Thanks Alot Dear………. First article I found: Great Help!

Straight forward, fast and best of all…. I need badly. I got Solution. Thanks a lot… it is really saves a lot of time… Thanks Thanks.. This was such a simple solution. I agree with the other people who were here before me. Like the other or so totally still works and it helped me twice as well. Live Long and Prosper! Regards Gavin. Thanks wery much! ThAnK yOu! Now can use an old laptop hardrive as a giant USB drive. Sweet… thanks dude…. I had given up hope. Thanx the Hard Drive is now working!!!!!

Sean South Africa. Here it is in the year and this helped me too. Thank you so much….