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To reveal the menu bar, move the cursor to the top of the screen. To adjust window width, click and drag the vertical line between the two windows.

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And, finally, to exit Mac Split Screen, move the pointer to the top of the screen and click on the fullscreen button. As useful as the Split Screen feature is, you can do a lot more to improve your window management game by installing and using one or more of the desktop organization tools presented in this section. Magnet for Mac is like the Split Screen feature on steroids. The app significantly extends the number of ways how you can arrange your apps on the screen, allowing you to declutter your screen by dragging windows to pre-defined positions and snapping additional windows next to them into organized tiles.

As a result, you can always use every square inch of your screen real estate for maximum productivity and comfort. Best of all, Magnet for Mac also supports window organization using easy-to-remember shortcuts, which you can customize to suit your preferences. Window Focus is a deceptively simple app for macOS Window Focus highlights the currently active window while dimming all other windows.

Split View on the Mac

Sounds simple, right? Because it is! Divvy is a simple window manager that fully acknowledges that window management can be difficult. Instead of requiring users to perform precise mouse movements to position windows on the screen, Divvy divides the screen into exact portions, allowing users to precisely move an application window with a simple click and drag. Divvy is fully customizable, and users can add space around windows, or, for example, create unlimited custom shortcuts. If you spend most of your time on a computer typing, you probably hate having to constantly take your right hand off the keyboard to use the mouse.

This can get especially annoying in the context of window management, and it can even lead to wrist and shoulder problems, which can cause severe pain unless properly addressed.

How to Use Screen Splitting on Mac OS

BetterSnapTool allows users to create their own snap areas anywhere on the display. It also supports customizable keyboard shortcuts, multiple monitors, hidden docks, and other things. Thankfully, BetterSnapTool ships with a sane default configuration, making it possible to use the app right out of the box without any frustration.

Finally, if the windows are too small for you, you can adjust your resolution to help improve matters. This will return both windows to their original state and allow you to resume what you were doing before you started using Split View. Mission Control can help.

How to have two windows side by side (Mac)

Alternatively, Apple keyboards typically come with an F3 Mission Control button. There are alternatives for creating a split screen: One of our favorites is the Mac app Cinch.

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It creates hot zones on the four corners of your Mac screen and two hot zones on the right and left sides. If you drag it into a corner, it will automatically snap to one-quarter size of your screen. If you drag the window to the side of your Mac, it will snap to half the screen. Some users may find this easier and more intuitive or more useful for viewing multiple windows at once.

Download it from the official site, or straight from the App Store. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

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Enter Split View

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