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School Event. Sporting Event. Non-profit Event. An Individual Business. Is your event indoors or outdoors? But as most of the fun options had meat and I AM vegetarian, I decided the spicy Thai style Mac would be my most adventurous option although I'm sure the plain Mac and Cheese is good as well. But this Spring Roll Mac? Sriracha, Peanuts, I mean, this is right up my alley. I was not disappointed. It was so good I wished I'd ordered two just so I could have it again the following day. This past Friday, I peeked out the office window again to see the Fally Mac.

I may have heard angels sing. Spring Roll Mac was back in my life. I headed outside. I ordered two.

Macarollin’ Gourmet Mac and Cheese Food Truck – Buffalo Rising

Again, no regrets. I wish I could review more than that single menu item, but as I'm too hooked to deviate from that delicious goodness, I will add this: There are 7 employees in my office. Four of us tried Fally Mac on their first visit. The same four of us were back outside standing at that truck the next time we saw it. That's gotta say something good, right?

In addition, the service is friendly and the wait times on the food are astonishingly short. It's not a truck you'll stand next to for 20 minutes. They're efficient, the food is great, and the offerings aren't nearly as plain as one might expect of a food truck specializing in Mac and Cheese. Give this one a shot for sure. So far, I don't know anyone who wouldn't come back for more. I'm not a child who grew up on Mac and Cheese.

So I don't crave it, nor do I have a preconceived idea of what it should be. But I have had a recent occasion to buy actual Kraft Mac and Cheese for a visiting relative who needed to bring some back to Argentina for his boss, who evidently thinks the stuff is great. So I learned the cost of it. Then I came across this truck for the second time. The first was about a year earlier and at that time I thought it was ok, but not something Id have again soon. However, I was with someone who wanted some, so we got on the line. There are always lines for these trucks. I guess that's the "made to order" part of it.

It was ok, but needed some seasoning. I have resisted the urge to rate the Buffalo food trucks for a long time, but now I'm moving forward. They tend to be overpriced and underwhelming. This is no exception. Perhaps its my NYC food truck experiences, or my idea of what things cost, or my need for proper seasoning, I don't know. I can happily eat standing up, don't always need forks or knives, and can live with the occasional fly hovering nearby outside etc. So its not that. I really really love food trucks, they give you the option of trying something new. I will drive pretty damn far to try a food truck that is much talked about.

FallyMac just recently opened and I guess they are still trying to work out the kinks and details. I ordered the Barbie be que mac and cheese and what I might say it taste very good, but I got a double order. I honestly thought the price I paid was very high for the double portion. The double portion should have been a single portion serving. I seen the portion sizing for the normal mac and cheese and I thought it was a joke and they ate some already. As for the Barbie be que mac and cheese it self.

It was all right. Nothing special to write home about. The sauce tasted like any other bbq sauce but the pulled pork that was added into the mac and cheese was a nice change to the normal mac and cheese. I thought that was brilliant. Over all, I really liked my Barbie be que mac and cheese but the pricing and portion I got was not that good. If they gave me more for my double order, I would have rated it a higher rating.

I think what they need to work on is their portion sizing. Give more for the prices you guys are charging. I was bummed when Fally Mac stop having vegan mac and cheese. However, she has more than made up for it by inventing the most amazing pasta dish I have ever had. All summer, she will be serving Summer Roll Mac which is coconut, carrot, basil, and baked tofu topped with hoisin sauce, peanuts, and Sriracha.

I can't even think about other foods. Food trucks are awesome, as long as they are supplying something you can't get where you live or work in a convenient way. I tried FallyMac the other day and had the opportunity to try one of the selections, then order another.

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I'll echo some things from other people - I'm not sure why it cost 6 bucks. I mean, it was a smaller portion and not as amazing as I would have hoped for that price. I'm not sure what Cinn sauce was, but I would have liked it better if I just got hot sauce. It was really sweet but also I was completely unsure of what the Cinn sauce could be - and the fact that there's a meat or veggie version. Perhaps the vegetarian version isn't that good, but the meat is? Who knows? When I go out to buy mac and cheese, I think of a kind of comfort food or gourmet mentality.

It's too easy to make mac and cheese at home, so I'm not going to purchase it while I'm out. Instead, for comfort food, I want a big portion and maybe put mashed potatoes or french fries in it that sounds delicious actually For gourmet, I appreciate The Place's motto of baking it in a cast iron skillet and then serving it to you in that skillet, burns be damned. I know a food truck can't do this - but perhaps some decadent ingredients. That's great!


I wish it was all the time, alas, because the 'sometimes' always makes me wary of venturing the cold only to be disappointed. The food is too inconsistent for me to rate this truck anything higher. I have given Fally the benefit of the doubt, especially considering they won an award at Taste of Buffalo. We have tried many options on many different occasions now. Hell, I even stood up for them But frankly it wasn't good. I want creamy, lovely Mac and Cheese, even better with the bread crumb baked on top and your other flavors!

I don't know what's going on in the truck that it's not a consistent product but it clearly needs to be addressed because whatever we got doesn't matched what was served to others. It's disappointing. Maybe next spring I can edit and give more stars. This is a macaroni and cheese food truck which was out on a trial run last weekend. The owner gave out pumpkin whoopie pies to everyone standing in line while the food finished heating up.

I didn't have one but the people in line around me thought they were delicious. They had 3 signature macaroni and cheese options as well as a menu of other items which you could create your own with. It was white creamy mac and cheese which would have been great on it's own. It came topped with tender BBQ pork and covered with both crunchy friend onions and soft cooked onions. I forced myself to finish the large portion because it was so good. I can't wait for this truck to be active consistently I could seriously eat this every day.

Love food truck. Love the movement. Not sold on FallyMac. I went here one Sunday afternoon after I spotted the cool looking truck out of the corner of my eye. I was really excited to try the truck out since I've been meaning to for a few months now. Upon ordering the gentlemen working told me that I picked the best Mac n Cheese on the menu - sweet! After trying it I really didn't know what to think. You couldn't discern the noodle from the chicken. They were overcooked and mushy. There was way too much cheese and not enough of anything else. I hope they can work out the kinks or maybe they had a bad service, hey, it happens.

I'm going to give them another go in a few months to see how they're doing. I'm a sucker for mac n cheese so I had to try this place out! The mac n cheese was solid, the chili was flavorful, the breadcrumbs were nicely toasted.

The only issue was that the macaroni was overcooked. Also, the hot sauce is good - tangy and spicy. I drizzled some hot sauce on top of my mac n cheese but think I should exercise more restraint next time since that potent sauce ended up overpowering the cheddar flavor And lastly, I ordered a large and guess I got lucky because it was huge! My friend said they don't normally give such giant portions. Sunday after a lovely morning of me drinking plenty of mimosas and Bradley being my driver we drove past FallyMac parked on Hertle.

I was surprised to see them because I have been dying to try them. Mac and cheese with spicy ketchup and Doritos.

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  6. It was a very interesting taste. I liked the mac and cheese by itself. I wasn't a huge fan of the ketchup. I definitely will try them again! I'm really disappointed because they do have some good reviews. I came on food truck Tuesdays, and they only had 'beef on deck' left, I was starving so I ordered it. It was so bad! For some reason they topped it with loads of peppercorn which ruined the whole meal.

    I couldn't even finish half the meal. I am a huge proponent of the Buffalo food truck scene and have tried to hit up as many as I can, especially when they come to the suburbs. I hadn't had the chance to try FallyMac, and decided to when they were around when I was running errands.

    None of them seemed that appealing and had too many ingredients. I am afraid I am not a fan. Maybe broiled, to make a crust, but it was gross. I took some off and mixed in some and that didn't help. It was very generic and just had this nondescript taste. I couldn't even tell what kind of cheese was in it. Noodles were just basic elbow, but were a little mushy. Pepper on it didn't help. I don't want to belabor the point, but it was just not the quality I would expect for the price and as a standalone meal that a place specializes in.

    I ate some and then tried to put rest away to see if any better cold, but no.

    Had a literal bad taste in my mouth the rest of the day. Maybe someone told them to park there, but if it were my truck, I would have asked for somewhere else to park. I could see a business in the plaza, or a customer who needed handicapped parking being upset. There were other areas to the side that would have worked and still had visibility. Had the crawfish Mac and cheese. By far my favorite Mac and cheese I've had in buffalo. All the ingredients are so fresh, was not expecting this kind of quality out of a truck but this truck knows their way around Mac and cheese.

    Also had the green Apple Mac and cheese, the ingredient list makes you worry but the sauce and apples in this dish really blend well together! The guys who run it are very friendly and get orders out quickly. I've had most of the food trucks in buffalo and Fally Mac is one of the best! This was my favorite dish -- and my go to on Larkinville Foodtruck Tuesdays! To their defense I haven't tried any of the other dishes but nothing else has really caught my attention. Fingers crossed it comes back on the menu!

    About Mac Truck NYC

    Literally the best mac and cheese I've ever had. I had the "summer roll" mac and cheese and I can't say enough good things. The coconut base was soooooo delicious. I also think the truck itself is the coolest looking food truck I've ever seen! More mac and cheese please!!! If you're looking for something comforting and tasty, FallyMac has the most amazing mac and cheese. I wish they'd bring back the stuffed pepper. It was soooo good!!! The whoopie pies are incredible too.

    We hired this truck as part of my brothers rehearsal dinner in june and it was beyond amazing. Everyone was extremely impressed, the portions were huge, and every kind of mac and cheese was absolutely delicious! Give this truck a try if you ever have the chance.. Amazing food truck with a great owner. I love the Buffalo vibe incorporated in the esthetics and food. I got the Om-gee Mac and it was hot and yummy on a cold afternoon. The chili is a little sweet which contrasts nicely with the amazing Parmesan breadcrumbs.

    Good quality cheese. A definite recommend for the Mac and cheese loving crowd. The service is great.