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You suspicion is correct.. Apple made TM able to backup to Network target.. An excellent alternative I use is Carbon Copy Cloner. I have a fake one.. The big companies all sell models.. Seagate and WD are trying to get in.. I recommend the WD MyCloud. It is not fast..


WD Red are the disk of choice. LaCie make a few models and of course Drobo Have a look at them but the cost and specs I think fall behind the class leaders. There is no need to jump into a super expensive model.. Once you have used it and get the feel of using a NAS..

They all offer some sort of cloud operation.. Posted on Dec 22, 7: Dec 22, 7: You are correct. Time Machine cannot do this. Just about any good commercial application like Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper , or Chronosync can back up a network drive to another network drive quite easily, and automatically on a schedule that you choose These are questions that are beyond the scope of the support that we can offer on this forum, but you might find some ideas here:. Again, these are questions that will need to be answered by the support folks at the service that you are interested in.

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Setting up network attached storage More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. It sounds like your catalog was in the default location of being in your home folder on your boot drive, and you had the music on the NAS. As you have restored your Mac you may have lost the catalog but not the music.

Unless you can find the catalog you will have to tell iTunes to re-add all the music from the NAS to its now new catalog, you can still leave the music stored on the NAS so it does not fill your hard disk. For the future, the method to tell iTunes to create or open an existing catalog in a different location to the default one, is to hold down the Option key when starting iTunes the Shift key for iTunes for Windows.

How to set up an iTunes library on a network-attached server

The catalog file is the iTunes Library. Nov 17, I have spent ages searching for this, and I'm sorry if this question ahs been answered, but I can't find the answer - just confusing snippets. I have a NAS and have all my music on it. However, I can't see how to tell my local copy of itunes to use the server as the source for my music files - and I mean specifically my music, not my locally stored Apps or podcsts etc.

Back to basics: what is NAS?

What I'm trying to achieve is all my music in one shared location, and not having to have a synced local copy of the actual files on my local machine too. I believe this can be accompled by opening iTunes, going into preferences and "advanced. Click okay Wait while all the data is "imported" and indexed to your iTunes Library file. This should not create separate copies because you stated in the first step where your library should be. After this is done you should can manually copy your local iTunes files to the NAS folder and then close your iTunes.

If you rebuild your machine or use a new one you can repeat this step to point to the NAS iTunes Library without the lengthy "import".

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Also, by doing this I believe iTunes will use that location for all of your iTunes media, apps, music, TV, Movies, books, etc. I always check "allow iTunes to organize my library" to keep all files in a tidy directory structure. This might seem mad - but I sync my music at home with my ipod - but I sync my Apps and podcasts, from the same lap top, when I'm at work - so I want to keep only my music files on the NAS, and everything else on the laptop.

Does any one know if it is possible to separate the location of the music files from the other media files? This should do it Please post back the results as I haven't done this for iTunes specifically.

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Basically the link makes your application, in this case iTunes, think it's just a regular old local directory Good writeup: Nov 17, 1: Thanks - I don't actually have a mac - just an HP lap top. However, I think your solution will work the same. If I copy the name of the itunes music folder to my NAS - put my music files in it, create a shortcut to it, copy the sortcut to the directory on my lap top where itunes is expecting to find my music - rename it to the same name as the music folder was - then I think this will fool itunes to think it is reading the music from the original local folder when it is actually reading it over a networked drive.

Nov 17, 3: Well, so far so good. Only problem is, it is randomly playing songs as it is doing it and I can't persuade any of the controls to respond to pause it Nov 18, 4: Make iTunes use my NAS drive.