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Composing messages, replying to email, and sorting the inbox are painless tasks.

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Mail is simple and not that complicated, and the resulting lack of complexity makes it more approachable. Rightfully so. Many Entourage users complained of database corruption and slow performance. Microsoft wisely replaced Entourage with Outlook. Ultimately, I use both Mail and Outlook for Mac, if for no other reason than to stay current with both platforms.

Outlook, ultimately, gains an edge due to the clean manner in which it successfully integrates contacts and calendaring. Opening shared calendars, in particular, is easier within Outlook, in my opinion, than within Calendar. Mail stumbles on that front. If you want the ease of use and generally acceptable performance Mail provides, you can save hundreds of dollars per Mac leveraging Mail instead of Outlook. But if you operate within an enterprise environment, you may well not have time for workarounds and simply find Outlook the best fit.

Just be sure to give Outlook time to open and then sync changes with Exchange before exiting the program. Inside the Raspberry Pi: How self-driving tractors, AI, and precision agriculture will save us from the impending food crisis. Smart farming: Check out our free guide for getting your email inbox calm and under control.

Download it here. Email apps are a funny thing in reality. The technology might be the same, but the experience is a lot different.

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My first email address was an AOL account when I was in middle school. I used that until I moved onto a Comcast.

Outlook 2016 vs Mac Mail - which do you prefer and why?

I used that until , when I switched to a company called Mailblocks. They were purchased by AOL for their at-the-time innovative spam technology. I then migrated to Gmail 1 GB!!! One thing is common among my history: I used webmail until moving to. Mac for personal email.

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Not everyone uses a VPN app , delivery tracker , or a run tracker. Email, on the other hand, is used by just about everyone. As such, there are many opinions on email services, apps, and processing methods. We asked our readers to fill out a survey on what they wanted in a third party email app. The results were incredibility interesting to see. These were the most common features readers look for when shopping for an iOS mail app:.

Prior to iOS 9, this would have been a very different article. In fact, the main thing missing is support for the share sheet with the actual message contents and support for snoozing messages. With the inability to change the default client in iOS, a case can be made that Mail. The fundamentals of email are all the same: Compose, send, read, reply, and organize.

Third-party apps make themselves indispensable because of the details.

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While not everyone needs all of these features, we felt like this was a good guide to help us as we examined the market. After much debate and testing, we chose Outlook for iOS as the best iPhone email app. Outlook for iOS is not necessarily a new product, but rather a rebranded one.

The original name was Acompli , but Microsoft purchased it in and has been hard at work with updates. Do I want it to be a complete departure from the normal look and feel of iOS? No, but I want a unique experience. Outlook has 5 icons across the bottom: Mail, Calendars, Files, People, and Settings. You are only one tap away from getting what you need. It uses a light theme with black and blue text throughout. I know some people like darker themes, but I feel like the design is very easy on the eyes.

From a usability perspective, Outlook really shines. It provides me with just enough options to make it my own, but not so many that I am overwhelmed or spend time tinkering. I love the built-in calendar function. I love being able to see email and my schedule in one app. The compose screen is simple to use as well. It allows me to change which account I am sending from, add files, photos, send calendar invites, or see my calendar availability a feature from its acquisition of the Sunrise Calendar app.

One important aspect of all third-party email apps is which types of email services it supports. Outlook supports Office , Outlook. Outlook has support for iPhones with 3D Touch features. From the 3D Touch menu, you can hop right to your calendar, create a new event, or start a new email. I find myself using the View Calendar function frequently.

A Notification Center widget and watchOS app are included as well. Focused Inbox sorts your email so you see the important ones first. It does this by considering past emails from a particular sender and your address book. You can also reclassify emails as you go in order to help train it.

The calendar feature can also notify you of upcoming appointments as well as send short emails letting the people in your meeting know you are running late. Outlook offers a feature that allows you to control which folder your snoozed emails are stored. Your options for snoozing are in a few hours, this evening, tomorrow morning, or a custom time. Like I mentioned earlier, I love the fact that Outlook has a built-in calendar. It also has native support for a number of file systems.

1. Multiple account support

There is a file screen that shows your most recent files for cloud document apps, as well as making saving attachments faster. These are currently only available to users with Office email addresses, however. Overall, Outlook is a great Mail.

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  • I tried it originally, but went back to Mail. With recent updates, Outlook is a great alternative.

    2. Scheduling

    I like it so much that I purchased an Office home subscription so I can use Outlook on my Mac. While it lacks a lot of the features, it appears some of the Acompli team is now working on adding features from iOS to the Mac. Spark from Readdle came out in to much fanfare.