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Whether shooting stills or video, one constant seems to remain. Editing takes up far too much time. But by far the biggest slowdown for video is the time it takes to render out the files. Recently he produced a Cinematic Masterclass , a nine and a half hour 4K course, which took around three months to create. He says that much of that time was just waiting for video to render and for the computer to keep up. So, he needed something faster. A new top of the line iMac Pro is out of the question. A closed system with zero potential upgrade future is no good to him, nor to many others.

So when MSI approached him to try out some of their kit in a Windows based 4K editing machine, he gladly accepted. Of course, you need to add storage to this, too. And, of course, there are other manufacturers out there from whom you can buy components. As a die-hard Apple user for 15 years, Philip was pleased with how well everything seamlessly transitioned over to the Microsoft OS. All his Adobe software settings were stored in the Creative Cloud, so when he installed Premiere and everything else onto Windows, it worked as it had always done on his Mac.

Only faster. WAY faster. The actual editing process itself was even faster and smoother. He can scrub through unrendered files with effects applied whereas his Mac Pro would simply choke. Although MSI did supply the hardware to Philip, too, his points are still quite valid. The primary ones being the speed of the system today given the cost vs the competition, and the potential for future upgrades. If it starts slowing down, he can whip the side off the case, add in some more RAM, go to a faster graphics card or multiple graphics cards , a new CPU, or add any piece of performance-enhancing hardware he chooses.

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Trying something new that can give me a big chunk of my life back. He stresses that he is in no way leaving Apple Macs, though. He loves how they work, but the speed advantages of a purpose-built PC are undeniable, especially considering the cost. So, if you love your Mac, but want better rendering performance, you may be best going dual system.

I know quite a few who edit on a Mac but still use a PC for the rendering grunt work. Even for those on Windows, many just use two PCs; One to edit with and one to render. Have you made the switch to Windows? Have you gone the other way and switched to Mac? Do you run both?

The easy guide to switching from Windows to Mac

You can find out more about John on his website and follow his adventures on YouTube and Facebook. I highly recommend the Dell XPS 15!

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On paper, the Dell XPS line looks great, and it regularly receives top reviews based on a few days of testing. But in the real world, many people have complained about quality issues. Also, depending on your unit, you may face constant whining.

Is it time to switch to Windows for video editing? Philip Bloom thinks so - DIY Photography

I have a custom built desktop that is my main workhorse. The Air is designed for minimal tasks. If you wanted a better machine you should have bought one to start with. How does the kool aid taste?

I was also initially not thrilled by the removal of the USB-A, but after having used a MacBook Pro for about 1 year, the dongle point is really minor. It is just adding a small cable or tiny adapter, which cost a little. In other words, it is not really warranted and objective to not use a MacBook Pro for this reason. I say it every time a mac vs. You cannot beat the MacOS operating system although there are some things about Windows that I like better , and you cannot beat the capacity for upgrading a custom PC or even some bought from the major manufacturers.

And to answer the question posed at the end of the article, I switched from Mac to Windows in My experience has been nowhere near as rocky as Windows XP, which was my last experience with Windows before the switch. Macbook pro for mobile work, Imac pro for smaller businesses, pc if you need to run a massive production house with multiple editors and want to save money.

The same is true for many audio apps. Also I was able to purchase a new battery and change it with my bare hands. Can you do that. So for me it is not a hard decision. Also iOS is just different, not so much better than Windows. Please do not come up with crashing Win 98… That would be ridiculous.

Gee, my HP is still working fine and it was purchased in … i7, 32g, gb ssd c drive and 12 TB storage…I bought my mom a Mac to surf!

Is it time to switch to Windows for video editing?

With the limited availability with Macs, to upgrade, a lifetime is useless. Technology is ever evolving. We get you love Apple… but attacking others does nothing to validate your loyalty. Press Return when done. Click the file once to select it, then press Space bar. Looking for the Control Panel? Use System Preferences instead. Learn more keys and keyboard shortcuts.

Fn-Delete or. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

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Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Mac tips for Windows switchers Learn how to perform some common tasks on your new Mac. Once upon a time, Apple's desktop operating system was regularly updated with interesting features, but the progress has been incredibly small since the release of Yosemite all the way back in Bloomberg reported in late that Mac was getting "far less attention" within Apple, and it shows.

In recent years Apple has been more interested in porting across half-baked features from iOS than listening to what Mac users actually want. Looking ahead to Apple's upcoming Mojave update, there's very little to get excited about for a long-time Mac user such as myself. Most worrying is Apple's decision to allow developers to port their iOS applications over to the desktop, which means the Mac platform could soon be inundated with lazy mobile apps.

Meanwhile, Oculus dropped support for Mac altogether. After the disaster that was Windows 8, Microsoft really turned things around with Windows It mightn't be as refined as macOS, but it's more functional and is updated on a regular basis with useful software features. The April update added a feature called 'Timeline' that makes it so much easier to go back to previous tasks and continue them on different PCs and mobile devices.

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Looking ahead to October with the Redstone 5 update, Microsoft will be adding a couple of noteworthy features such as 'Sets', which adds tabs to apps, allowing you to manage multiple apps and websites together under one tabbed window. Meanwhile Microsoft's renewed interest in PC gaming with initiatives such as Play Anywhere, which lets users buy a game for Xbox and play it on Windows 10, in addition to native support for HDR and Dolby Atmos content gives Windows 10 more entertainment options. But it's what Microsoft has been doing on the hardware front that's really won me over.

It's designed several important innovative products over the last couple of years that have pushed the industry forward and forced its hardware partners to up their game in the process. The Surface Book 2, for example, is not only one of the most impressive notebooks I've tested to date, but also the most versatile that I could recommend to almost anyone. Goodbye Macbook: It's impossible to deny that Apple makes some of the best computer hardware on the market, and many of its customers myself included are faithful for this alone.

However, Apple's waning interest in the Mac means that recent Windows machines are surpassing Apple's once vaunted notebook line.