Mac desktop icons do not move

Thanks to Theo Belk--I tried changing the text size and each time the text size was changed encountered some form of the drag issue. What I think is happening is that when the size is changed, the icons that are already in some place on the desktop sometimes stay there, instead of being moved to their new correct grid locations.

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Therefore what appears to be an empty spot next to one of them is actually supposed to be occupied, or vice versa. Then other icons can be dragged next to them as per usual. Philip is right. The empty space is caused by an unobservable reason: They are only several millimeters away from their grid. But once one icon leaves its grid, it occupies two or even more grids and other icons can't fit into their position. Philip means you need to drag everything to a position after modifying everything.

I recommend putting everything on the left side and drag them to the right side one by one Once you change spacing, canceling "snap to grid", or change text size, icon size, you need to do it again. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Philip Philip 15 Only align to grid. Theo Belk Theo Belk 4 7. Actually your answer helped me figure out what I think the correct answer is.

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Welcome to SuperUser! This "answer" really should just be a vote up on Phillip's answer as it was already answered. Can you explain how to change the value please. My problem is that drag and drop is intermittent. I think sometimes, the drag itself does not work either.

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This is just a finder problem. I agree with Bill that none of the solutions here are really solutions, just work-arounds for Apple software issues that should not be happening. Brand new mac powerbook with OS X capitan. Drag and drop keeps failing. Re-launching the finder and restarting every 5 minutes is not a viable option.

I am having trouble with Mail while typing a message. I select a passage, drag it to a new location. That works but the original is left behind. It moved a copy. I think this is happening in a few other apps too. I wan it to move the passage not copy the passage. I had trouble with the drag and drop not working and it ended up being gunk on the track pad, so definitely check that before you make any significant changes to your Mac!

Wiping it up with a simple wet wipe and letting it dry will do the trick. Thanks for sharing the tips! Urs worked like a champ. Ok, my problem is even simpler. I selected the file and tried to move onto another folder but nothing happened and the file is vanished and no more in neither of the two folders, nor on the desktop. Where should I look for it? I am having some trouble with drag and drop since I updated to macOS Sierra. So I have to minimize all other windows that are opened to be able to drag and drop. It is so annoying.

Does anyone have the same problem as me? I find that if I double click my mouse in fact I using a Wacom Tablet I can get the drag select to start working again, and I can easily break it again by double clicking. But I had little choice but to upgrade after apps e. El Capitan has been issue after issue like this. Spotlight is so much slower, Launchpad is a joke of sluggishness, and the new side-by-side feature sometimes hangs the machine so as to be unusable.

Thanks very much for posting this solution. No trackpad, but I went through the plist deletion solution, chucking out any drivers of mice etc. Many many thanks — it was driving me nuts! Simply replacing the batteries on my cordless mouse solved the problem. I could still point and click before, but not drag.

Use the touchpad with three fingers to test before you invest in new batteries. Great Luck!!! What worked for me: I tried a bunch of things in the article and comment, and this one finally worked. I appreciate you taking the time to post what worked for you. I solved the drag and drop problem another way on my MacBook Pro, Sierra os. By chance, I discovered that it usually works if I select the file using less pressure on the touchpad than usual.

Stop Desktop Icons from Changing Positions After Reboot in Mac OS X

My drag and drop was not working, so went looking for cause. I tried all of suggestions above, plus updating to a new operating system and still no success.

Quick Tip - How To Hide the Desktop Icons on Your Mac

And tech at Apple Store was baffled. Turned out we were looking at only a symptom as drag and drop was working in Word. And I also noted i could not create a new folder on my Desktop. So, I googled for that problem and found a recommendation way down in the comments that indicated how to change Desktop back to a folder; the recommendation that worked perfectly was to quote:.

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I had a problem closing the Finder window and was unable to move icons on the desktop. I tried method one force relaunch of finder and it worked. Then I did a bit of tuning as stated and it started working perfectly with no issues at all. The option is like this. Bluetooth worked for me thank you.. For example In Finder … If I drag a. Did not help with this particular issue: Yes drag and drop on Mac requires you to click and drag from one folder to another, often with two windows side by side. Just bought a new Mac Pro and have issues with try to drag and drop items from folder to folder or to a software.

Trying to delete the plist files I could not track down the following com. Ok, I deleted those. Terrible computer. Thanks all. I notice many of those plist files are followed by identically named. Not sure about their significance. Please, I followed through in deleting the suggested plist file s from the user Library Preferences folder.

However, upon rebooting my macbook pro mid ; macOS Sierra , the trackpad cannot click on anything folders, tabs, etc eventhough the cursor is present and can move about. Having the same issue with drag and drop: Very frustrating. By the way, the com. Does this provide a cue, perhaps?? I did everything I read here, and finally stumbled across something that worked.

Removing the symbol resolved this problem. Thank you for the advice. I had trouble to drag and drop folders from a memory stick to hard rive in Finder. The advice to disable Disable force click and haptic feedback did the trick! Yes, the haptic click being enabled was the culprit. I could not click and drag files or folders. What an incredible annoyance. Thanks Apple for yet another another! Name required.

How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 4 Methods Explained

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